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  • Here are more film shots I promised. This was from the same day at Singapore’s Jurong Bird Park, the largest collection of birds in the world. I was with some guests (Peter & Keyla) and it was feeding time for the pelicans. When shooting with film you tend to pick your shots more carefully due to the limited number of shots you can make. I was afraid that the birds were moving too fast for me to capture, but the results prove otherwise. I’m really starting to dig this Canon A1.

    To download the images in their full desktop ready glory simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download a zip containing the files, and the terms of use. Never re-host the images without permission, they are for your own personal use as your wallpaper imagery, nothing more. Anyone found using the image for commercial gain or re-hosting them will be asked to remove them immediately or face legal action. As always we wish you the best and enjoy!

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