• be humble
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  • "Geometric #7" Wallpaper
Available for iPhone, iPad and Mac&PC here.
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  • We love this paper crown made by Sharon Ann Lee. She sells them and other paper-craft creations over on artweheart.com. Watch Sharon’s talk at CreativeMornings/LosAngeles here. →
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  • Grandpa’s Photos, A Grandson’s Quest to Identify the Locations of Images Shot by His Grandfather
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  • Igor Morski
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  • Electric Objects: A Computer Made for Art
A framed high-definition screen with integrated computer that hangs on your wall and brings art from the Internet into your home.
I’m excited to announce that I’m joining Electric Objects as Co-founder and Director of Product, Software. It’s a collision of a lot of things I’ve been intrigued by lately: creating internet art, building things with my hands, figuring out hardware. I’m excited to build something that’s worthy of a place in people’s homes.
It’s available for pre-order on Kickstarter now, check it out!
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  • "Deep Blue" Art print
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